How to make peppermint lip scrub

How to make peppermint lip scrub

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main components = Vaseline, organic sugar and some essential oil like peppermint Extra oils you can use = pure argan, vitamin-E, coconut, jojoba etc.

Using a small spoon or knife add Vaseline to plate. Mix it around a bit to make it pliable.

Next add sugar by 1/4 tsp increments until desired exfoliant texture is reached. I like mines to be pretty rough so I added probably 1 1/4 tsp total.

Then add your oils. A few drops is all you need! Mix mix mix! Along the way I tested the scrub on the back of my hand to make sure the consistency and scent was okay! Then transfer into container.

Just apply small amount and gently rub lips. Remove buffer with tissue or washcloth! Make sure to moisturize with lip balm or Chapstick afterwards since this is an exfoliant :) enjoy!

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