How to make vietnamese summer rolls

How to make vietnamese summer rolls

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Shred your meat into tiny pieces. Here I used steak.

Add nuoc mam (aka fish sauce) to the meat - making sure you taste along the way.

I used these and toasted them for less than a minute on low heat.

Add some toasted sesame seeds.

Chop up a lemongrass stalk very finely.

Mix in the nuoc mem, sesame seeds and lemongrass into the meat.

Grate a carrot into fine pieces and mix in with the meat.

Wet the rice paper in warm water and place on clean dish cloth.

Place lettuce first.

Then add the meat mixture made earlier.

Add cilantro leaves and mint on top.

Roll the Nem tightly together.

And enjoy!! I also made a dipping sauce made from nuoc mam (aka fish sauce), sugar, lemon and water.

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