How to make coaster clipboard

How to make coaster clipboard

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Gather supplies, I used a already printed binder clip but black ones can be covered with a bit of scrap paper and taped on

Trace your coaster or measure it out on to the back of your paper.

Once you done both start cutting them out. Be careful not to overcut any where.

Once cut out, put tape or glue over close to the edges of the coaster, and thru the middle.

Once glued lay the paper on the coaster I like to level it so that it even at one 90'. So it's easier trim excess.

Now carefully trim the paper over hang. I do one side at a time.

Once trimmed, its looking cute!!

Try to be flush as much as you like, or to your skill. No use wrecking it over being too meticulous. No one will notice a little overhang. Almost done!!

Add your clip and some paper. You could modify and add anything!! It's super simple and at craft shows I've seen these for like 6 bucks. Just go out and have drinks, then keep the coasters. Much Love!

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