How to make german potato salad

How to make german potato salad

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Wash the potatoes

Using the v-slicer, slice the potatoes about a 1/8 inch thick

What it should look like afterwards

All the potatoes sliced up

Slice the potatoes in half

Potatoes cut in half

All the potatoes sliced and halved

Dice the onion

Add onions, water and butter to a pan and cook until sautéed

Bring water to a boil

Add potatoes to the water and cook for 8 min

Add the beef bullion to the onions. Set aside and allow to cool

Strain the potatoes after 8 min

Slice the 4 pieces of bacon in half and cook

Add the cool potatoes to a casserole dish

When bacon is cooked, place on a paper towel collect the grease

Measure out the vegetable oil

Add vinegar

Pour over the potatoes

Add onion mix to potatoes

Chop the bacon and add to the potatoes

Place in the fridge for an hour or until you are ready to eat it. Don't stir the mix until you are about to eat it so the favors can soak in


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