How to make grandma's peanut butter cookies

How to make grandma's peanut butter cookies

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Combine the shortening, and both the sugars.

If you don't like sifting (like I don't), whisk!

Egg and vanilla

Peanut butter. You can use creamy or chunky. I used both this time.

The shortening and the sugars.

Add the rest of the stuff and mix until. .

You get dough!

Melon ballets to help make the dough even.

How to do it. :)

Should have a little more than the scoop.

All rolled out. The size that I did made about 79 balls of dough. You can make them bigger, smaller, whatever.

That's about the size I made.

Now to do the criss-cross. Push the fork down on the ball one way.

The another. :)

Sprinkle sugar.

The back in the oven at 400 degrees F. For 5-10 minutes. I like mine a little soft so I take mine out at 5 minutes

Done! They're a little brown. That's perfect!

The next batch I put mini Choco chips. :) Hersey's kisses are good too.

After waiting a little bit (about 2-3 minutes) take the cookies off the sheet and onto a cooling rack.

The last step is to eat them! :D You're all done!

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