How to wrap earbuds

How to wrap earbuds

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First, put your hand out in the "Rock On!" position.

Next, put the top of the cord right below the actual earbuds in between your thumb and pointer finger.

Now, take the cord and wrap it around the back of your pinkie finger to the front of it.

Now go around the back of your pointer finger, over the top, and to the front.

Repeat this figure 8 pattern again and again until you have about 5 inches of cord left.

Take this cord and wrap it around the back of the grouping of cords. Keep going until about an inch is left.

After sliding off your fingers, it should look like this.

Now take the bottom of the cord and slide it through one of the holes on either side.

When you want to use your earbuds, all you do is this:

Slide the end out of the hole on the side.

Now grab both ends and pull on them.

The earbuds should easily unravel without tangling.

All my earbuds nicely wrapped!

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