How to turn an old book into tablet case

How to turn an old book into tablet case

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Take an old book and make sure it's a suitable size for the tablet you'll be using. In my case, I'm using a 12" tablet and found an old book lying around that had some pages missing.

Measure to verify the book is large enough for your tablet.

Trace the tablet's shape inside the book. Youll be cutting along this lines and removing the pages.

Using a sharp knife, cut deeply and carefully through all the pages until you reach the bottom of the book. Remove the cut pages along the way.

Check to see that the tablet fits snuggly. Cut grooves to have access to the power and volume buttons on your tablet once it's in the case.

Once all the paper has been removed, use paper glue and a paint brush to glue the pages together.

After trimming the excess paper and gluing the pages, take fabric and a glue glun and glue the fabric inside the box. This gives the tablet a soft area to lay on.

Take your time and fit the fabric in nicely, smoothing the glue underneath to avoid bumps. Afterward, cut along the edges to remove the excess fabric that may be sticking out.

I like the vintage look so I banged up the edges a bit. This is optional.

Take leather and glue it to the binding of the book. This gives the case an older unique look.

Cut out 4 triangles out of the leather scraps and glue them to the corners on the book - 2 on the front, and 2 on the back.

I took a knife and scraped the leather a bit to add a warn out look. This is also optional.

Now for the inside: after lining it with soft fabric, add leather trimming to the top and the bottom for a nice effect.

Cut 2 large leather triangles and glue them to the bottom 2 corners of the book. This will hold your tablet from slipping out of the case.

Fold in the leather flaps into the book and using a glue gun, glue them securely in place.

The binding should be glued tightly.

Now that the case is complete, we must create an effective way to keep your tablet case closed when you're not using your tablet.

Cut out a rectangular shape out of leather. Double that piece and glue them together to form a solid strong piece of leather. You will use this as a strap to close the case.

Using glue gun, glue it to the back of the case. I scraped the leather strap to give it an aged look as well.

Add a magnetic clasp to the strap and to the top of the case. This can be found at any art store. I actually recycled it from an old bag of mine.

After you glue the strap and clasp, try it out! This is the finished result :D

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