How to cook herb roasted (pork) tenderloin & root veggies

How to cook herb roasted (pork) tenderloin & root veggies

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Turn on the oven, 200 C. If you wish to serve the meat with the root veggies, start with prepping them.

I used potatoes, Swedish turnip (in the US called Rutabaga), carrots, parsnip and celeriac.

This is Swedish turnip (or Rutabaga). The image is borrowed from Wikipedia since I didn't take any photos before chopping it.

Use a good grater to take care of the lemon peel.

Chop the herbs. I had thyme..

..flat parsley and basil but rosemary is also lovely in this dish.

Mix the herbs with the grated lemon peel..

Also add the grated garlic. Mix it well and add salt and black pepper.

Most fresh veggies begin to taste less and less at this time of year in Sweden but the root veggies are wonderful! You can even bake a cake using for ex. parsnips instead of carrots.

Cook in the oven about 20 minutes before adding half of herb mix.

In total they need about 45 minutes to get ready, a bit depending on how big the chunks are and how evenly spread they are on the tray.

Put some butter in a frying pan.

Brown the piece of meat on all sides.

Like so...

When you have browned the meat it's time to add the herb mix. Before doing so, save the juice in the pan from the meat.

Pour some water into the frying pan and then pour the liquid into a smaller sauce pan, through a sifter. This, and the juices from the meat (once it's done) will be the gravy base.

Use half (or a little more) of the herb mix to cover the meat. Rub it into the meat on all sides.

It's now time to put the tenderloin into the oven. Attach the termometer, and set it for 78 degrees (Celsius).

When the meat has reached 78-80 degrees (Celsius) the tenderloin is ready.

Continue to cook the veggies on a lower rack in the oven after the meat starts cooking.

This is what it looks like when cooked. It looks so yummy and it smells wonderful in the whole apartment!

Once the meat is taken from the oven, move it to a cutting board. Pour some water into the oven pan. Sift the liquid into the sauce pan.

Add cream, beef broth/stock and possibly some soy and a thickener.

Once the tenderloin has reached the desired temperature, let it rest a couple of minutes and then slice it.

Dinner is served! No extra veggies needed.

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