How to make a sock monster for your feisty, playful pups.

How to make a sock monster for your feisty, playful pups.

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Gather all used socks with wholes from the entire family. This way all of your scents are on them.

Fold the socks in half and cut a hole through all socks. Make your own patterns but the more you tie the more fun.

Once all socks are cut, start tying knots, every which way you can and try to double and triple knot.

By intertwining the socks I find it lasts longer for our furry friend Stella. She is capable of mass destruction... Walls, car mirrors, all food items, etc. plus it is more fun for the pup.

Keep making knots and don't be afraid to cut pieces and tie them over and over.

If you have an old sock monster you can combine the two by knotting pieces together.

After you have made as many knots humanly possible with every sock, it is ready for delivery. Please note: sock monster deters pooch from eating all items in house. Plus she stays clear from our socks

Stella blue loves you for a fun, yummy smelling treat.

Happy as a clam and steers clear from our toys, stuffed animals. Please note sock monsters come apart. We just re tie the pieces back on or throw out the scraps.

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