How to make red velvet cake balls

How to make red velvet cake balls

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Supplies-plus what you need to make cake according to package.

Make 13x9 cake according to package directions and allow to cool...COMPLETELY!

Pulverize cake (so sad to ruin your hard work-but it will be worth it). Then add 1/2 the container of frosting.

Mix with hand mixer until incorporated. Then start forming into balls about 2 inches in size.

Place on cookie sheet lined with wax paper (some difference in size due to little helpers)! Once all made, put in fridge overnight to harden up a bit.

Cover cookie sheet with wax paper for placing balls for drying. Melt chips according to package. Tip* add like 2 tsp of veg. Oil once liquid to make for easier coverage.

Roll balls with spoon for even coverage. Can use 2 forks-whichever your preference. Then place on covered cookie sheet.

Sprinkle it! While still wet of course...takes some getting into a routine, but once you get're balling baby!

Once dry (doesn't take long), place in muffin cups and put on tray of your choosing. Then cover and put in fridge until ready to eat.

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