How to create sea coral eyes

How to create sea coral eyes

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Clean your face, apply your foundation, powder, bronzer etc.. (i already have some makeup on as it is late in the day) :) x

You will need a bright blue, bright coral, black and white eyeshadows for this look. I am using my Avon True Colour Aquadelic pallete.

Taking a flat eyeshadow brush, sweep the coral eyeshadow across your lid.

Taking a rounded blending brush, apply the bright blue to the outer corner of your lid and blend inwards.

Taking a small angled brush, line your lid with the black eyeshadow, creating a smokey wing at the outer corner.

Taking the same small angled brush, line your lower lid with the coral eyeshadow.

Then roughly line 1/2 of of your bottom lid with the bright blue eyeshadow.

Using the white eyeshadow, highlight the inner corner of the eye, apply black liner to the top and bottom lash lines then apply your favourite black mascara.

Apply a light pink blush to the apples of your cheeks and some light red lip stain to your lips.

The finished look!

I really hoped you enjoyed my guide and thanks for looking! Please leave your comments :) Message me if you have any guide ideas! Much love, Elisa xx

Just as a quick add on; here are my ombre nails. Just check my profile to find a guide on how to achieve this look, its surprisingly easy!

Add me! Instagram: ELISAJPS Kik: Elisa1207

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