How to shoot a rubber band and make it roll back to you

How to shoot a rubber band and make it roll back to you

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In this guide I'll teach you a neat stunt where you shoot a rubber band and when it hits the ground it'll roll back to you. With practice you can get it to stop right at your feet.

I tried to shoot a video of this stunt but its not easy to see it. I'll keep trying to get a good video and I'll add it to this guide when I get a good shot. But here's how it's done.

You'll need a rather small rubber band for it to work. The ones about an inch in diameter work best. They have to be small so they are more round shaped and can roll like a wheel on the floor.

Here's the secrets. The rubber band runs between the tips of your thumb and little finger. The tension on the top has to be loose and the tension on the bottom has to be tight. It can't be twisted.

To shoot. Push down on both bands with your index finger. Push down hard to get more distance. Allow the band to snap off your thumb first.

The band will pop off of your thumb and fly forward in the basic direction your little finger is pointing. With experience your ability to aim will improve.

What will happen is the rubber band will shoot forward. Because of the tension it'll spin very fast back in your direction. When it hits the floor it'll roll on the floor back toward you.

It'll take some practice. You want a lot of tension on the band when you push down with your index finger and let it snap off the thumb first.

You'll develop a feel for it. Before you know it you'll be able to shoot it 20 feet or more and it'll roll right back to your feet.

Once you get it down. Here's a fun challenge. Stand in front of your car. Shoot over the car and try to make it roll under the car back to you. It's a fun way to practice. :)

Have Fun!

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