How to make a pokeball out of paint chips

How to make a pokeball out of paint chips

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I made this guide a little too late in the process, and I apologize! But I think it's pretty explanatory! Let me know any questions you might have. :)

Take your paint chips and cut circles out of them! How big your poster board is will decide how many you need.

Take your poster board and cut out a big circle! (Ignore the two red things)

Now. Don't stick the first layer on just yet!!!!! Find the middle, and then lay them out so you get a feel for how many you need.

A quick note!!!! When you're laying them out, they might need to come off the poster board a bit, you don't want any of the poster board to show, so they will end up overlapping.

Cute baby!

For the first row, you're gonna wanna put them on only half, since they won't go fully on the poster board.

Take off the blue things...

And press it on the poster board!

Woot woot!

Do the same thing with the white!

Stencil first!

Then stick them down!

Second row of red! Stencil them on first! But ONLY ON THE POSTER BOARD!!!!

For all other ones, now you get to put the sticky things all over the back.

So! For every row, you're gonna wanna stencil the chips on the poster board only. It helps a great deal more when you do it that way.

Doing the straight black lines are kinda tricky since you have no white poster board to trace on. So trace on the red.

Ta da! :D

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