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How to cook flavourful roasted potatoes How-to

How to cook flavourful roasted potatoes

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.Dice potatoes to a rather large size as they will somewhat shrink in size after being baked.Add olive oil to a large mixing bowl.Then add the chopped garlic cloves....followed by saltAnd finally the herbs.Then dump the cubed potatoes into the bowl and toss. I used my hands to thoroughly incorporate the flavours.

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5 Engineering Marvels You Need to See Before It’s Too Late Travel

5 Engineering Marvels You Need to See Before It’s Too Late

February 28, 2017Humans have been constructing and building engineering marvels since we were first on this Earth. While many haven& 39;t lasted, there are many others that have survived to present day. Some of the most amazing surviving structures across the globe are in danger of being destroyed due to environmental factors.

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How to make caramel apple cheesecake How-to

How to make caramel apple cheesecake

After a super tough loss, had to head to the kitchen to do some grief bakingCollect all of your suppliesPreheat the oven to 350 - bringing the heat!!In a shallow pan, spread a single layer of the chopped pecansBake the pecans for 8-10 min or until lightly toasted - don& 39;t get too nutty thoughGrease your 9 in panFlour the greased pan and set asideIn a mixing bowl, add your 2 packages of cream cheeseAdd 1/2 cup sugarAdd 1 tsp vanilla extract to the mixBeat the ingredients until blended and smoothAdd 3 eggs one at a time, mixing wellIn a separate bowl, combine 1/2 cup brown sugarAdd 1/2 cup melted butterFinally add one egg and mix wellWhen your pecans are toasted, spread along the bottom of the greased and floured panIn a third bowl, add 1 cup flourCombine with 1 tsp ground cinnamon to spice it up a littleAdd 1 tsp baking powderFinally, add 1/4 tsp salt - just a pinch and some over the shoulder for luckMix those dry ingredients wellBlend the dry ingredients with your brown sugar mixtureMake sure your apples (1 1/2 cup Granny Smith apples) are peeled and dicedAdd your apples to the brown sugar and dry ingredient mixture and stir wellSpread your lovely apple mixture on top of your pecan crust - it& 39;s starting to come together!

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Microsoft Revisits Ancient Times, Unveils the New Nokia 216 Innovation

Microsoft Revisits Ancient Times, Unveils the New Nokia 216

September 21, 2016New phones are slim, sleek, fast, and extremely powerful. However, with the constant constraint of an incredibly short battery life, they are anything but wireless as they remain constantly bound to the charger. Microsoft is reverting to the tried and true design of the ancient Nokias which feature an extremely long lasting battery, and an assurance that if you drop it, your floor will crack.

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A Copy of the Great Pyramid is Planned to be Built in 2025 Architecture

A Copy of the Great Pyramid is Planned to be Built in 2025

To the west and south of modern Cairo, lies Giza in the vast desert. While Great Sphinx guards the plateau, massive pyramids of Khufu (Gr. Cheops), Khafre (Gr. Chephren), and Menkaure (Gr. Mycerinus) dominates the region. They all ruled Egypt during the 4th Dynasty (c. 2500 BC).The grand pyramid complexes include temples, causeways, and much more.

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How to make labeneh How-to

How to make labeneh

Add one teaspoon of salt to each pot and stir well.Place muslin or cheese cloth over a colindar. I use two cloths, one over the other.Pour in yoghurt (both pots), using spoon to get all yoghurt out the pot.Tie top of muslin cloth securely.Hang over sink and then leave over night. The whey will start to drip leaving the curd in the sack.

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