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How to make venison jerky How-to

How to make venison jerky

Slice thawed meat into thin strips using an electric knifeCombine all ingredients in an electric mixerCombine meat and ingredients in a large bowl. Marinate for 12 hours.Place marinated meat on dehydrator or cooling rack. Dehydrate meat for 4-15 hours, depending on thickness, in dehydrator. If cooking in the oven set temperature to lowest setting and cook for 12 hours

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How to make small stuffed wrap rolls How-to

How to make small stuffed wrap rolls

Lay one wrap on a flat surface.Put a thick layer of the cheese spread on the wrap, make sure you divide it equally.Put the chicken breast on the wrap. The wrap doesn& 39;t have to be completely covered. For this step you could as well use ham or salmon.Put thin slices of cucumber on the wrap. Make sure they& 39;re not too thick!

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How to make peruvian mazamorra morada How-to

How to make peruvian mazamorra morada

Use this mazamorra moradaCut dried fruitBoil fruit for 5 minutesPour mazamorra morada inot a bowlAdd water and stirAdd purple mixture to boiling fruit, take pan off burner before adding the purple, cook like this for one minuteIt will get thick and look like this!It looks like this when you are done

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How to create summer rolls How-to

How to create summer rolls

Bring seasoned water to a boil and add shrimp, cover and let rest for several minutes. Remove from water let cool. Peel and devein the shrimp. Slice down the underside and lay flat.Cook the vermicelli following package instructions. Cool and divide into eighths. Chop the herbs and heat water to a simmer for the wrappers.

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How to dye ombré hair How-to

How to dye ombré hair

Prep area and read the instructions of the bleach kit and your dye.Brush hair free of knots. Clip your bangs back, if you have any.Depending on what bleach kit you get, your& 39;s may need to be mixed differently. I mixed mine until it was the consistency of pancake batter.Bleach part of your hair. Use a physical landmark to make the bleach even; I used my chin.

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How to make an easy gift bag How-to

How to make an easy gift bag

First, cut all the flaps/edges off your cereal box, but don& 39;t throw them away!So you end up with this.Now wrap your box like a present and don& 39;t make any folds or tape anything on the sides if you can, this will just make it look messy.You should end up with something like this.Now you need to hole punch the top of the box on both sides.

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